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Worth it? Or Naw?

Last month, Buzzfeed released a new series called, “Worth It,” where two pals weigh the value of certain types of dishes at drastic price points. At the end on their drive back, they decide on a winner!

Here are a few of my favourite episodes so far 🙂


“My tongue is just livin’ in a sexy salt bath right now.”


“I’m like, embarrassed to be watched eating this, because it’s like, something so pleasurable shouldn’t be done in public.”


“That’s a lot of flavurr.”

You gotta love the personalities on these guys.

I would totally do a food comparison like this myself, but, you know, who has $300 to spend on a steak?*

*Me, when I’m rich AF. One day…

Have you ever done a food comparison? Tell us about your experience! Or if you don’t have $700 to spend on different (delicious) dishes, do it on a lower scale, like comparing the price of a double Americano at three different coffee shops. Get creative! Find the best value for your dollar and tastebuds.


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