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Waiting for the Inevitable…

Ever since I moved to Toronto in 2009, I have never lived in one place for longer than a year… until now.


My current humble abode is now the first place that has housed me for more than 12 months. Though some of you may think this would be a time of celebration, I’m just sitting over here waiting for the inevitable. When am I going to move again?


Don’t get me wrong, I like where I’m living now. Good rent, awesome roomies and hydro is included (what whatttt)! But I don’t want to stay here forever.


I’m turning 25 in September and that has gotten me thinking about adulting even harder. I’m currently living with my S/O and his college bro (he’s an absolute gem).


The thing with having an extra roomie is you get to live with an amazing person (well, in this case, but some past roomies… ugh), but you also get to split rent!


It’s a good time for money-conscious-Mollies like myself, but when you have another person in the mix there are extra variables thrown in.

When I do decide to move-in with just the BF, what happens to Mr. Epic-Roomie? Also, what if I want to move and they don’t? What if they want to move and I don’t?


Also, I’ve become so accustomed to moving that now I feel as though something is missing. As though I’ve forgotten that I have a presentation at work or I’ve left the stove on.


I have this weird, panicky feeling and it’s all because I’ve been living in the same house for 14 months straight.


Usually around this time I would be searching for a cheap place, figuring out how to pay first and last month’s rent. But instead I’m just doin’ me; looking for a new job and figuring out how I’m going to keep paying my current rent.


The idea of moving to a cheaper place now that I’m soon-to-be unemployed is very tempting, but I have to keep things in perspective.

Moving isn’t really cheap, it’s annoying, and it takes A LOT of time to even find a place that you like. Then you still have to wait to see if they approve of you (and your credit score) and letcha move in.


So as of right now I’m trying to stay chill about this whole “not moving” sitch and keep myself occupied.


As long as I can stay away from I think I’ll be able to get through this.


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