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#TheSisterpack Goes To Kenya!

You may have been wondering why #TheSisterpack went MIA for the last two weeks. Trust me, we have a good excuse.

We journeyed as a family to Kenya to celebrate Monique’s recent nuptials and to meet her husband’s famjam. And what better way to get to know your new in-laws than to jump on safari and creep on some wildlife?!

We had a blast and a half getting to know everyone, going on adventures and having some serious family bonding moments. Nothing brings people closer together than road trips!

jet lagged
Travelling for 20 hours can really wear you down.

karyn pics
Karyn can’t (and won’t) stop taking pics of all the things!

beautiful views
We’re not in the 6ix anymore!

making friends with lions
Uhmmmm is that a lion?!


everything the light touches...
Everything the light touches…

the happy couple
The happy couple!

relaxing on the beach
It’s mandatory to have coconuts on the beach after a 12 hour car ride!

getting her glam on
Monique getting her glam on with Gab’s help!

new addition - honourary sisterpack
Our newest addition to #TheSisterpack!

Now that we are past the jet lag stage, we are right back into the swing of things. Stay tuned for our June Challenges, and sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay in touch!


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