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The Worst Entrepreneurial Advice I’ve Ever Received

I recently attended a book launch party in NYC for an inspiring entrepreneur. The book launch was held at a snazzy bar, and it was filled with influencers in the online entrepreneur world.

It was an exciting opportunity to connect with people who were up to big things in the world.

At one point, I started talking to a guy who had an online business in the men’s health and fitness space.

When he asked me about what I do, I told him I have a full-time job, though I’m really passionate about my ‘side hustle.’ He was taken aback by the concept.

“Why don’t you work on your business full-time?”

I explained to him that in the past, I tried to start a business (actually two) and it failed (twice). So this time around, I’m being more cautious.

He looked at me puzzled.

“You know what you’ve gotta do? Just be like Richard Branson.”

Huh? I wondered.

“Find people to do the work for you. Hire it out. Delegate!”

Okay… I thought.

I mean, I do have a small army of freelancers who I work with, but I want to build some momentum before I go all in. Or perhaps continue on the side hustle path I’m on.

When I argued with his advice, he basically wrote me off and the conversation soon ended.

This conversation has stuck with me, and to be honest it angers me a little bit. This guy had been building his business for the last eight years. He gets more than 1 million hits per month on his site. I’m less than a year in on this new business and get, um, fewer than a million hits per month.

So many newer entrepreneurs take advice from people who are 100 steps ahead of them. If you’re just starting out, take it from me: it is not a great strategy to learn from people who are lightyears ahead of you. You need to learn from someone who is 10 steps ahead of you; someone who is making hundreds of extra dollars a month – not millions – when you’re first starting out.

My challenge to you today is to find a mentor or coach from afar (aka watching YouTube videos and listening to podcasts from an entrepreneur) who seems to be ten steps ahead. Then do whatever it takes to learn from them. Sometimes you can’t “screw it, just do it.”


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