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Do you find your funds start to dry up in the summer time? It definitely does for me since there are so many cool things going on and you end up having oodles of free time. The more stuff there is to do, the more money you tend to spend. I’m here to give you some tips on how to be savings-savvy when it comes to summer spending.

I know you’re probably tired of hearing us tell you to make a budget, but it seriously will help you out. Figure out how much you are willing to spend each month and divvy it up for each week. If you go over your budget one week then make sure you subtract that amount that you overspent from the next week until you are back on track. You have to take into account vacations, concerts, movies, etc., and it could get a tad technical, but come autumn you will still have bank while everyone else is complaining that they have drained their accounts.


Winter is finally gone and you can now go outside without worrying about losing a finger from frostbite. This means patios will be open and you will find yourself sitting outside eating some great noms and drinking something refreshing while time flies. Annnnnd then the bill comes and snaps you back to reality. After sitting outside at the restaurant/bar you may end up paying more because you’ll be staying longer. Your food has been digested, your drink drained and now you are feeling ready for seconds.


Now, I’m not saying to nix the patios every time, but just to be smart about it. Do you just want a place to sit outside and have a drink or something to eat? Well, grab a friend, make a snack and go to a park or the waterfront. Sure, you won’t have someone waiting on you, but that means you won’t have to pay a bill or leave a tip. Patios are fun, but they will drain your wallet before you know it.

Is there a concert that you’re planning on attending this summer? How about a convention? Tickets will be expensive, but prices will ALWAYS go up the closer to the date. The second you are 100% sure you are going, BUY THE TICKETS!!! I’ve been burned before as a newbie going to a convention. I was hesitant in buying my tickets and then at the last minute I decided to go, but the prices had been jacked up and I didn’t have enough to buy them.

Don’t do what I did. Plan ahead and buy your tickets as early as possible. You don’t want to be stuck buying them at crazy prices or resort to buying them from someone else after they all sold out. You want to enjoy it, not immediately regret it.

It can suck scrolling through Facebook and looking at your friends’ pics from their vacations or hearing people planning for their cruise next month. Your bank account would weep if you even thought of attempting to plan a trip. So instead of feeling left out, plan your own stay-cation!

Don’t be put off by a stay-cation. I know I sound like an ol’ fuddy duddy suggesting it, but they can actually be pretty rad. This is an opportunity to explore your city/town. Go online and check out places you’ve never been and find out if they have any coupons, discounts or free days. Go to a museum, chill at the beach, catch a cheap play, or just go to a part of town that you’ve never had the chance to venture.


If you have a bit of a larger budget, maybe even book a hotel somewhere snazzy and just do all of the tourist-y things that you can think of. Go on bus tours, do some sightseeing and try to find as many landmarks as you can and take a picture with them. Sure you may not be in Fiji, but you can still have fun at home (plus, your wallet will thank you).

When you were little did you ever go one adventures or pretend that you were discovering a new land? Having an imagination doesn’t cost you anything so let your childhood self run wild! Grab a map and pick a place, whether it’s in a city or out in the boonies, and either plan a route or just plan to get lost. Pack a bag with essentials (water, food, phone, etc.) and just walk around. For obvious reasons, wear appropriate attire. If you are walking in a wooded area, wear long sleeves and pants/leggings (bug alert!) and definitely wear good walking shoes. City or forest, your feet will thank you.


Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card! Yes, that’s from everyone’s fav. aardvark Arthur, but hey, it’s still true. Libraries aren’t for squares anymore and are a haven for those who have a budget to stick to. Libraries are great when you want to escape and find a quiet place to relax. You can choose a book (or three) and waste the day sitting and reading.


Now if that’s not your jam, you can use the computers to muck about and not go over your Internet usage for the month. Also, libraries always have something going on. They are usually pretty connected to what’s happening in the community. Take a looksee at their bulletin boards are see if anything tickles your fancy. You might find a nugget of gold in there that you wouldn’t have discovered anywhere else.


As someone who is crazy about going to see films, when someone says movie night I am always down. Unfortunately, movie night at the theatre will mean making your wallet cry after spending your hard-earned cash on that expensive IMAX ticket and the overpriced popcorn that no movie-goer can do without. So for those of you who can’t say no to seeing Mad Max: Fury Road and Jurassic World you can cut some costs by going on a cheap night (usually Tuesdays), or just opting out of the 3D and IMAX and just seeing the flick in 2D. Say no to the popcorn and that giant jug of pop and bring your own water bottle. Plus, if you are feeling a tad rebellious, go snag some snacks at a bulk candy store and sneak them in. This way you aren’t paying $15.00 for a handful of gummie worms.


If you really wanna save some dough, bypass the theatre altogether and have a movie night at home. Grab some friends, have each of them bring a snack, their fav film and have a movie marathon! This will cost you next to nothing and you will get to see movies that you’ve never seen before and get to watch old favs. The only difficult decision you’ll have to make is choosing which film to bring!


Saving money during the summer months is all about getting creative. Remember that parks and the beach are free. Don’t be afraid to get silly. Grab some friend sand have some (cheap) fun!

Do you have any summer savings tips for us? Leave a comment below or let us know if you’ve tried our tips.


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