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Summer in the City

Summertime means patios, sun tans, and lots of fun-in-the-sun time! For those of you who are on break from school or just thrive in this maddening heat, I have created a lovely list of cheap and fun things for you to do!

*some of these may be Toronto specific*


1. Picnic with the pals

Grab some friends, make some noms, and meet at a park. Eat, chill, get some sun, and just enjoy each other’s company. You deserve a break from your busy life to just slow things down and have fun.

2. Free outdoor movie screenings

Go with friends or go by yourself and meet some new peeps. You can either choose to see the films you already know you’ll love or discover some new ones! Bring your own popcorn and have a blast under the stars!

3. Street festivals

There are two things that are certain in the summer: disgusting heat and free street festivals. Get to know your community, explore new cultures, and try something a little out of your comfort zone!

4. That live music life

Get jiggy with it at free live music events in your city! Listen to your fave jams or find a new genre that just blows your mind!

5. Game night

Grab some friends and play some boardgames! Relive your childhood by playing Sorry! or get real intense in a game of Catan.
If you don’t happen to own any board games check out Snakes and Lattes or look up your local board game cafes!

6. Ice cream adventures

Summer wouldn’t be summer without ice cream. Go on an adventure and try to find the craziest flavours possible. To get you started on your quest, check out Sweet Jesus or Bang Bang Ice Cream

7. Free guided city tours!

Explore your city with a free guided tour. You may find your new fave spot or discover a hidden gem. For those of you residing in the 6ix, check out ROMwalks to get the low down on Toronto’s incredible history.

8. Get lost

Grab some water, a snack (or two), some sweet tunes, and just start walking. Get lost and discover your community. You can do this on your own or with some chums. All you need to do is simply head somewhere that is nowhere near your usual hangouts. If you have a metropass, pick a subway stop you usually pass by and just get out and roam about. You’ll never know what you could discover!

Do have any favourite cheap, summer activities that you like to do? Share them with us in the comments!

Have fun!



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