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The other day, I went grocery shopping armed with nothing but my debit card and a rumbling belly. First off, let me say that it is never a good idea to shop hungry, because your eyes are always bigger than your stomach and you’ll leave with things you don’t even need.


5 minutes into my shopping, an announcement comes on the P.A. stating that their debit and credit machines were down and that they were only accepting cash. DUN DUN DAH. That was a problem. I had zero food at home, and no cash on me. I made the quick decision to withdraw some cash at the nearest bank (service charges ensued) and shop with what I could take out. Usually, I buy a lot at once because I hardly ever go shopping, so I can sometimes spend over $100…YOWZERS. But when I went to withdraw cash, it would only let me take out $100. Sure, I could have put my card in again to withdraw more money on the second round, but I’m not about paying $10 in service charges. No. Way.


So I trekked back to the store, freaking out that I would go over budget. I’ve never really shopped on a budget before…I’ve always been smart about what I bought, but I’ve never walked in and paid attention to how much I should actually be limiting myself.


$100. That was it. The entire time I was shopping, I was constantly questioning the difference between need and necessity. Sure enough, I rolled up to the cash, and it turns out I SPENT HALF of what I originally thought I would spend. It was an amazing feeling. Limiting myself to a budget helped me save money that I definitely would have spent– I was really proud to know that I could do it if I had to.


I encourage everyone to shop on a budget. Don’t get sucked in with your credit or debit card. Just because you have the money, doesn’t always mean you have to spend it!


Keep it real!


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