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On My Own

I’ve had to make some very difficult life decisions in the past few weeks. Now that I’ve had time to sit and let the dust settle I now need to straighten out some things.

Firstly, I need to move.

I hate moving. It is seriously the worst. You have to look for apartments, call the landlords, go and check them out, schmooze the landlords, complete a crap-ton of paperwork, spend oodles of moolah, and then pack your whole life up and then immediately unpack it.

In short, it’s an ordeal.

Secondly, I need to sort out OSAP.

Right now I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with my monthly payments. I’m going to have to call and discuss either a possible payment plan or defer my payments. I’m definitely not looking forward to that phone call.

Thirdly, I have to get on top of my bills.

Right now I’m managing, but I recently had to pay an ungodly sum and it hit me pretty hard. I need to look at my finances good and hard. It’s time to trim the fat and get everything into order.

Fourth on the list of things to conquer is my health and wellness.

I’m not one to hustle to the doctor/dentist when stuff starts to go squiffy, but now that I’ve reached full-blown adult territory I need to start making a conscious effort to keep myself in tip-top condition. That means making actual appointments to see these professionals on the reg so I don’t end up falling apart one day. I’m going to have to start saving (since I don’t have benefits) so I can afford to see these doctors. Woo hoo. Let the good times roll.

Though my list has only four things to complete, many will not be solved overnight. Stuff like this takes time, effort and persistence. The reason I’m writing them down and sharing the with the interwebs is so I can actually hold myself accountable. I’ve put this out into the world, now I’ve gotta do it.

Wish me luck!


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