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New Money

Right now I’m reading ‘The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo’ by comedian, actress, and all-around-badass Amy Schumer.

There’s a really fun chapter in the book called ‘On Being New Money’ where Amy talks about the joy of having cash to spend on things you truly enjoy.

I couldn’t help but LOL when she talked about her experience of being ‘new money’ and having cash to spend on anything she likes.

Amy shares that she was born wealthy, then her family lost it all, and she has personally worked her way back up to having cash to burrrrn.

This chapter deeply inspired me. More than just the fact that she can spend whatever she likes, she shares about how much she has enjoyed the journey to earning money and how deeply she enjoys using it as a tool for joy and happiness.

This chapter has inspired me to start asking the people around me what they would do if they became new money and the conversation is always so rich. I’ve of course also been reflecting on this question and am excited to share what I’d get up to!

Firstly, if I had limitless cash in the bank, I realize that I would not drastically alter my current lifestyle. As a solopreneur, I absolutely LOVE working with fellow entrepreneurs, helping them amplify their gifts and skills in the mainstream. I love helping people feel that ecstatic and joyful feeling.

Also, before sharing a few things on my list, it’s important to note that the only reason we want money is for the feeling it will give us. For me, financial freedom feels: effortless, fun, secure, free, ambrosial, joyful, and so so so exciting.

Here are a few funs things I’d get up to:

  • Go to Hawaii and chase rainbows.
  • Throw a dart at a map and go to that place and simply explore.
  • Buy all the fabulous soft clothes (my new style) my heart desired.
  • Get a place with a view (it may be simply renting Airbnb’s in different places for a bit).
  • Follow the fun… everywhere.
  • Eat all the delicious things. It would be so awesome to get prepared food for the week and all the coffee and green juice my heart desired.
  • Random acts of helping others with cash.
  • Pay off all debt + family debt if they are interested in help.
  • Turn my current apartment into a broadcast studio and have a blast interviewing majestic humans (or buy time on an established radio station and save myself the work 😉
  • Make music.
  • Go to out-of-the-box, fun classes like learning how to make sushi, pottery classes, mindfulness meditation retreats or classes that teach you how to make truffles!
  • Give my website a proper update.
  • Give our Mo’ Money website a proper update and really start focusing on growing our blog!
  • Private jet time.
  • Go to all the comedy shows errrrywhere.
  • Randomly fly to concerts in different cities. (I’ll find you Drake)
  • Buy new pots and pans and furniture.
  • Lots of spa/pedicure/manicure dates. Gotta feel fabbbbulous!
  • Go wild in Sephora and randomly give a gal in there a $1,000 gift card.

Heehee. What a fun list to make. I encourage you to create one! It’s honestly exciting when you’re in the right frame of mind. I will continue to add to this list as I know that no matter how much we have in life, there’s always that curiosity and hunger for more!

<3 Gwen


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