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Monique’s October Challenge: Apply for UK Visa

October was a month of massive change, and I finally accomplished a goal I have been working towards for six months: I have applied for my UK work visa.

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Applying for the visa in itself may not seem like a financial challenge at first, but it is the culmination of financial strategy, money mindfulness, and more obsessing than I care to admit.

This goal became almost all-consuming: it affected how much I worked, how I spent my free time, how I chose to spend any extra cash, and longer-term career plans. The main lesson I learned is that if you are working towards a life-changing goal, it is important to take the time and map out a strategy.

There is a reason why champions (in any field) write down their goals. The best of the best keep their goals written down on a piece of paper and carry them around everywhere they go. This simple practise keeps you focused and mindful of what is most important to you. In my case, (and I could have done this better) it provides a blueprint of each step you need to take to achieve your goal.

My November challenge is to calculate what I need as an emergency fund to cover six months of expenses and to find at least three ways to start increasing what I already contribute. Knowledge is power!

…And you can bet that I’m going to write this down 😉

How do you keep track of your financial goals? Share in the comments below or let us know on social media!

<3 Monique

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