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My March challenge was to get an interview set up in a foreign country. Full stop.

I’m planning on moving to Liverpool, England next fall until about June 2016 (visa pending). My goal was to use part of the two weeks that I would be visiting Liverpool to lay the groundwork for employment so I would be able to supplement my freelance income while abroad.

The task seemed simple enough but, as I learned, preparation is everything. An interview didn’t happen and I didn’t get one set up while I was there. I knew I would only have a few days to execute the plan, as my entire reason for visiting was to spend time with my boyfriend, whom I hadn’t seen for five months before that.


I chose to prioritize my existing clients and work commitments before I left, leaving little time for resume rewriting and research. It wasn’t a negative experience however; this was an incredible learning experience.

While on the ground in the UK, I was able to get a solid understanding of the city in terms of next year’s living situation (accommodations, check!), city layout, and job opportunities. (I was also busy having waaaay too much fun dancing at the annual law ball, checking out a massive cathedral, getting lost by the docks, and having a pint with new friends at the Cavern Club!)

Best of all, I found the place where I will be spending most of my freelance time when I’ll be writing and editing: the local public library, which is a gorgeous, modern building that also houses some of the original works of William Shakespeare, among other greats.

So, I’m currently 0/2 for my challenges. Let’s turn this around!

My April challenge:
To earn more than I spend (and still enjoy life). No credit card. I’m reviewing my bank accounts every day to keep me on track and sending invoices on time. Let’s do this!

High fives and good vibes!
<3 Monique

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