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Make the Most of Birthdays (Without Breaking the Bank)

Ahh summer…don’t you just love the sun, the parties, the patios and the…birthdays??

Why does it seem like everyone has a birthday in the summer? Well, statistically, the months of July to September are the most popular times to have a birthday, it seems. Take a look at this chart:

birthday rank

(Looks like November is prime time to get busaaayyy! Oh god, sorry for the visual.)

 If you’re like me, most of your friends have summer birthdays, and as we all know, birthdays can get pretty expensive. But don’t worry– I have a foolproof plan when it comes to giving (and receiving) gifts, especially on a student budget.

 We all have that friend who’s been drooling over a Michael Kors watch for months, or maybe that Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette. To her, it’s just another one of those things that she can’t afford, but desperately wants.

“The best birthday gifts to receive are the ones you’re too cheap to buy for yourself.” -Gabrielle Elliot (LOL)

 You need a secret weapon if you’re gonna give the birthday girl the gift of a lifetime. Introducing….THE POWER OF FRIENDS!


That’s right.

Band together with your friends and split the cost of that MK watch or Naked eyeshadow!

My friends and I do it all the time, and it’s foolproof. We spend maybe $30-$50 each on splitting the gift, and then we all go out and have a really good time at a club, restaurant or something super fun! The cost of the gift is fixed, but you can control how much you spend when you go out. For example, ordering 2 drinks instead of 4, or maybe not buying dessert, etc.


For my birthday this year, my friends knew I desperately needed a new wallet. It was time my mustard yellow one with the cute bow went into retirement (RIP). To my utter surprise, they pooled their cash and bought me a GORGEOUS wallet from Fossil…talk about BESTIES!!

fossil wallet


(Happy birthday, indeed!)

Then, we went to this amazing restaurant called Guu… if you haven’t been, I highly suggest it. And as if that wasn’t enough, we all moseyed on over to the Drake Hotel for a night filled with dancing. Since we each take care of our own bills when we go out, I chose to save some money and not buy drinks at the Drake (probably saved $25 bucks just from not drinking).

So you see, birthdays don’t always have to be about one person. Make it a group celebration and do something you all love! It’s good to take a break from your studies or job and remember to have some fun once in a while. And if you all chip in together, you’ll be buying her something she really loves and will probably end up saving money in the long run!

Happy birthday to all you summer babies!

<3 Gabs

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