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Minimum wage, can kindly go f*ck itself. How is it even REMOTELY possible to live on minimum wage in a world where Starbucks exists?Learn how to #makemoney through creative endeavours both online and offline.

Ask for Task

In-between jobs and need some money in your pocket, or are you stressed and need someone to help you clean your place or set up your Ikea furniture? Look no further! Ask for Task is a great site that allows you to accept simple tasks from people in your area to make some side-hustle money. You can also post a task for someone to complete while you focus on more important things.

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Selz is the simplest way to sell more online and make a living doing what you love. With Selz you can sell physical products or digital products. Selz helps you simplify your life by managing orders, payment processing and customer relationships all in one place! There’s also a business analytics that can help you optimize your sales! Gwen from the Sisterpack uses Selz for her personal site!

Tilt helps you collect money from your group and make something happen. Tilt is an incredible tool. Gwen from The Sisterpack uses it all the time, and started by running a fundraising campaign for a friend. Tilt is also amazing for paying people online. You can use the code: TiltGwen for FREE online transfers and zero fees on your campaigns. #WIN!!

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Instapage allows you to create a landing page in just 3 minutes. This is great if you don’t have time to create a full on website, but you’ve bought your domain name and need to put it to use! You can also integrate Instapage with your email service provider. This means you can start collecting email addresses once you upgrade to the paid version.

Insider tip: This is an affiliate link aka perhaps the easiest way to earn some side cash. If you want to buy Instapage and use our link, we get a small commission.
*Note: We would never recommend something we don’t love. It’s up to you to use the affiliate link.

We all have stuff we don’t need. Big or small, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Working the Kijiji life can certainly pay off, and (AND) it’s better to give your stuff to someone who can find value in it than heading straight to the dump 🙂 Can you say “profit?”


MailChimp allows you to custom create email newsletters and campaigns to reach your target audience with exciting news and sales. You can use the provided templates to create the vibe that fits your personality or brand and even keep track of the analytics to see how successful your campaigns have been.

hootsuite-logo (1)
Preparing to conquer the world of social media and get your name/brand out there? Well, with so many sites it can be overwhelming to switch back and forth constantly. With Hootsuite you can manage all of your social media platforms from one host site and even track your growth and presence online!

Boomerang is a free Gmail plug-in that allows you to write an email and send it later, at the perfect time. It also sends reminder emails to follow up when you haven’t heard back from someone or at a time when you need to reply to someone. Genius!

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Are you going to lots of networking events or sending out a bajillion resumes and need to keep everyone straight? A quick hack is to install Rapportive to your Gmail: this free add-on gives you the LinkedIn details about your contact, including their photo and additional contact info. This is displayed alongside their email to you and is great for a quick reference.

For those of us who may not be the greatest at photoshop and can’t afford to hire a graphic designer, Canva is just what you need. This free site allows you to create anything from instagram posts to greeting cards. All you need is your imagination.

Be a brand blogger
Here’s an opportunity to make money and get free sh*t. Brands want you to talk about their products, and if you get the word out enough, they’ll be kind to you. Easy way to get free swag and (if your blog is popular enough) start charging people for ad space!

Become a YouTube Sensation
Build a brand on YouTube. Talk about things people care about. Be interesting, fun, and engaging! Make six figures (PARDON?). If you have enough views and followers, you can make some serious cash, and make a living doing so.




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