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Karyn’s November Challenge: Celebrating the Small Victories

Lately my life has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I’ve had to deal with a lot of crap (I’m lookin’ at you H&R Block), but I’ve had some really amazing moments as well. The sad thing is that I am always focusing on the negative aspects of my life and it ends up weighing me down. So for my November Challenge I decided to focus on making #moprogress by keeping track of all of my small victories! By writing them down I’m acknowledging the positivity in my life and hopefully creating a system where I can eventually fully focus on the good and let the bad go.

Without further adieu, here is my list of goodness for November!

  1. Found a new apartment
  2. Got a sweeeet deal on internet (so fast. much wow)
  3. Received a magical raise at work
  4. Became NCCP trained (for archery!)
  5. I have been attending krav maga classes at least four times a week (and I have the bruises to prove it)
  6. Paid off my GST/HST to the CRA (FINALLY!!!)
  7. Switched phone providers and got an extra 2GB of data
  8. I watched Doctor Strange in theatres with amazing people
  9. Learned that I can do 10 continuous knuckle pushups (no pain, no gain)
  10. Finally went grocery shopping and pre-made meals for an entire week
  11. Was able to hang out with my magical friend Robin and rage out/shoot archery
    karyn and robs

Though this may not seem like a lot, just seeing it written down and allowing myself to soak in all of the good stuff while frustrating things were blowing up in my face made it all the more bearable. Any time I was faced with a difficult moment and it started to wear away at me, I just looked at this list of little #wins and it definitely helped me move past the negativity.

I really want to make this a habit. It’s so common for us to focus on all the tough stuff and ignore everything excellent that has happened in our lives. I want to create a more positive space for myself and I think this is a great step towards that goal!


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