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Karyn’s May Challenge: Investing in Myself

This month’s Mo’ Money Challenge was a little different as we were able to have an amazing group of people supporting us through our Mo’ Money Mondates! My challenge this month was to finally get myself looked at by a doctor, dentist, and optometrist to see how much each of them would cost since I don’t have benefits.


The first person I subjected myself to was the eye doctor. I haven’t had my eyes tested in a little over four years and I was definitely past due for an eye exam. My prescription had changed so much that I was constantly squinting, plus my glasses were on the verge of crumbling to dust because they were so beat up.


I decided to go to Clearly on Queen St. West. The people were so awesome and I was in and out in no time. The cost of seeing the optometrist was $95 for just a basic check-up. I also wear contacts so I had to get new ones fitted. This set me back an extra $35. I ended up paying $130 plus tax which I was totally down with now that I was able to see. Plus I went on their site to buy my new frames and ended up paying only $49.92!!!


Riding on a high from the optometrist I was ready to tackle my next challenge… the doctor. First I need to mention that I haven’t seen a doctor in a ridiculously looooong time. I would also like to mention that I HATE the doctor and it is a nightmare situation for me every time that I even THINK about going.


This time around I wanted to find someone that I didn’t loathe. With the help of the Mo’ Money Mondate crew I was given great suggestions for doctors in the city! Unfortunately I have not yet made an appointment mainly due to fear and the fact that I ran out of time. But I’m giving myself half points as I did have to go get my shots for Kenya! My shots only cost me $135, but if I had renewed my gosh darn Health Card sooner I could have paid $95! You live and ya learn!


Last up is the dentist. I haven’t had my teeth examined in ages. If there is anything I hate more than the doctor, it’s the dentist. So as you can imagine I have yet to see them. Though I have made progress and narrowed down my search to two places in the T dot.


So 1.5/3 isn’t too bad considering how long I have put off the majority of these tasks. I am challenging myself to complete the rest of my tasks before the summer is over!


Wish me luck and good health!



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