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Karyn’s March Challenge: Income Tax Assistance

My March Challenge was to see what it was like paying someone to do my income taxes for me. I know you’re probably thinking, “Karyn, this isn’t exactly challenging.” Well, in my case it was kind of a struggle.


I’m the kind of person that likes to do things herself and I don’t really like strangers getting ahold of my personal stuff, especially my money stuff. I decided to get outside of my comfort zone in March and try something new. I wanted to use this challenge as a learning experience and make sure to ask oodles of questions so in the future doing my own taxes would be a breeze.


Well, it did not turn out that way.


First off, if you are going to have someone else do you taxes, book suuuuuuuper  early. When I say early, I mean the second they open up for appointments. My first choice was full up so they recommended me to someone else, who was also fully booked.


I then turned to H&R Block. I went to their website to make sure I had everything ready for when I booked my appointment. Turns out I was missing my T4E, which required I call My Service Canada (which meant I was on hold for a bazillion years). After I got confirmation that they would mail me my T4E the month was pretty much over.


I’m still waiting on my T4E to come in the mail. Once I get it I’m going to immediately book an appointment with H&R Block.


So unfortunately my March Challenge has been extended to my April Challenge. Though I “failed” my challenge, I did learn that I need to be waaaay more on top of my income taxes. That means getting all of the necessary paperwork as early as I possibly can, and booking an appointment as soon as humanly possible.


Stay tuned for next month’s adventures when I journey to H&R Block to find someone to help me with my income tax quest!



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