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I always thought that I hand a handle on curbing any impulses that I had when it came to my purchases. I don’t buy coffee, I don’t buy alcohol, I don’t buy cigarettes, I like to save up my money for things I really want and things I really need. I occasionally splurge, but it’s always within my budget.

This past month was incredibly busy for me and surprisingly took a toll on my wallet. Going into this challenge I assumed I would impulse buy maybe one or two things and would only rack up about $50.00 of unnecessary spending.

Boy was I WAAAAAAY off. I ending up spending $150.00 on things I did not really need.

genie mouth drop

And what did I blow my money on you ask?


Food is my weakness, my kryptonite, so to speak.

patrick eating food

Now I’m not grouping in purchasing stuff from the grocery store as an impulse buy. I’m talking about ordering food online, grabbing a burger instead of packing a lunch, and giving into my sweet-tooth and buying bags of chocolate covered almonds to gorge myself at work.


Looking at my bank account, it didn’t really make that big of a dent, but it did make me realize that I have to be more aware on what I spend my money on. I’m not going to give up on food (cuz you kinda need it to live), but I’m going to be more conscious on what I buy. I’m going to be strong and say no to Hero Burger and yes to a sandwich I made the night before. I shall say nay to buying lunch at Shoppers Drug Mart (yeah poor decision making there), and yay to going grocery shopping on my breaks.


In order to hold myself accountable for my random munchies impulse buying, I’ve tasked myself with learning new cheap and easy recipes and making them for lunch and dinner. I have a giant chalkboard in my house, so each day I write down what I’m going to eat during the week and how much I should be spending. This giant visual keeps me on track and less inclined to break the bank every time my stomach growls.


This was definitely a wake up call for me and hopefully it’ll get you thinking about what you impulse buy.

– Karyn

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