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Karyn’s July Challenge: Clothing Swap Part 2

Since I was unable to complete my original challenge in June I decided to tweak it a little and give it a second go in July. To my surprise I was actually able to accomplish my goal of trading my unwanted clothes with someone via the Bunz Trading Zone!


I was able to swap two dresses and a shirt for some magical perfume and some serious hair care products! Yes, I know my goal was to get some money for my stuff, but I kinda liked trading them for things that I actually wanted!


Though I still have some clothes left from my post, I have decided that if no one shows any interest in them by the end of August, I will be donating them to the Kind Exchange.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 11.17.43 PM
My post on Bunz!

For those of you who are interested in trading some of your unwanted goodies I highly recommend Bunz! The people I traded with are just wonderful and it was seriously simple to do. The only downside is if no one show any interest in your stuff you feel somewhat discouraged. Though when people do start PM’ing you there is definitely a rush.


Are you interested in swapping/trading your stuff? How would you go about trading your old goodies?


Let me know in the comments.


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