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Karyn’s January Challenge: Food Prep For The WIN!

To be completely honest, I totally forgot about my January Challenge until last week. Initially I was incredibly disappointed in myself… until I realized that I unknowingly completed it!


My original challenge was to prep my food ahead of time so I wasn’t constantly eating junk food and spending money that could’ve been used for something much more important. I imagined myself at least one night a week in the kitchen prepping food for the days to come, making lists (I LIVE FOR LISTS) of what recipes I would be using and the ingredients I need and all that jazz. Instead it turned out completely different, but the end goal remained the same.


Work right now is mad hectic, but in the best possible way. I’m loving my job, being busy as fudge and getting stuff done, while having a blast. That being said, busy Karyn’s brain completely forgot about her food prep challenge. Until one day at work I was talking to my managers about how we buy food for our staff for lunch/dinner. We buy food from the same four places and it can get kind of monotonous. That day I actually made a sweet meal of salmon, greens and mashed potatoes and brought some in to share. My subconscious mind must have been working overtime because I suggested that instead of buying our meals I would make them!


I would make our army of staff a home cooked meal for our busiest days so we could save money on eating out and people would be eating healthier at the same time. So now I was actually meal prepping for 13 people instead of one! Though that may seem like an ordeal and a half, it was actually awesome!


This forced me to make food for myself, write ALL THE LISTS (guh love it) and make sure I’m sticking to a budget ($30 or less). This also forced me to be creative since we did have some dietary restrictions at my work and making food for a slew of peeps.


Though my challenge is over, I’m still going to continue to make huge amounts of delish noms for the magical people I work with!


Next on the menu… salad, cheesy mashed potatoes and sausages!




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