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Karyn’s February Challenge: Me Time

When we started Mo’ Money, Mo’ Progress, I initially thought that my only focus would be on finances. But as we progressed, my sisters and I began to really look at the mo’ progress side of things. While watching my sisters take on personal challenges that helped them to become more well-rounded people, well, I decided to join them.


For the month of February my goal was to find more “Me” time. To some this may not seem that challenging. You probably have no problem finding ways to relax and take a moment to enjoy something you love. For me I have always had an issue with slowing down. If I wasn’t working I would feel like I’m failing. If I wasn’t going above and beyond what was expected of me, I felt like I was letting people down. So finding time to just do something that I found fun actually seemed kind of daunting.


Luckily for me, the month of February had me make some major changes to my schedule. My amazing managers noticed that my stress levels were through the roof and decided to lend me a hand. They talked to me about having time off to relax and recuperate. We tweaked my schedule and I was able to create time where I could have the opportunity to actually plan some me time.


Now that I had the ability to take a breather from work I had to start thinking about what I wanted to do. The first two things to pop into my head was of course Krav Maga and movies. Krav is literally all I do when I’m not working, so that was a no brainer. Movies on the other hand gave me pause.


Movies cost money. Right now I’m trying to stick to my 12-month budget and so far it’s been challenging to say the least. Paying for movies isn’t cheap, even if I am using Scene points. Just thinking about the cost of all the films I wanted to watch started to get me stressed out. That was the OPPOSITE of what I wanted for my February challenge! So I decided to say SCREW IT to my entertainment budget and I just watched any movie and every movie that came my way.


I’ve gotta say that it was awesome!


I felt like I was in uni again, just going out with friends and catching a flick. It kind of felt freeing.


Yes, yes, I know I’m just talking about going to see some random movies, and it shouldn’t seem this dramatic. For me, it was an opportunity to indulge and have fun. I really missed that because I was adulting so freakin’ hard.

I’m really glad I had the chance to take on this challenge. It forced me to take a good look at myself and see where I was going. I’m so lucky that I have my super sibs that inspired me to start making mo’ progress in my life and start enjoying it!



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