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Karyn’s August Challenge: Saving Money On Your Period

How much money is drained every month because you are on your period? It’s not something we really put that much thought into since it’s such a common occurrence. I for one never really spent that much time thinking about it until I saw this Buzzfeed video:

Around 2:24 they started talking about how much they spend a year on their periods and it just boggled my mind. Why isn’t anyone talking about this? Why aren’t we freaking the fudge out over this insane cost over something that just naturally happens to our bodies?!


Well, I wanted to find out how much I spent on mine, but I realized I would have to split it up into two sections. The first would be my early days of tampons and the second would be when I made the switch to Thinx and the Diva Cup.

So here’s my math.


The usual box of tampons I would buy would cost around $9 (so annoying). I would attempt to buy them in bulk when they were on sale, but it was always so rare. This would cost me about $108 a year.


That doesn’t seem like much, but when I calculated how much that was for the seven years I was buying these myself (thanks mom for fronting the cost for young Karyn), I’m looking at $756! This isn’t including the occasions where I ran out of tampons during my period and had to buy more, or having to replace underwear due to leaks (seriously. the. worst.).


When I was 23 I decided to start using a Diva Cup which I bought it online for about $40. At the time it seemed like a ridiculous sum of money, but it actually saved me $9 every month. I no longer had to buy tampons or pads. It was reusable and amazing.


I also decided to buy three pairs of Thinx, aka period underwear. This brought me to a whole other level of saving money and taking control of my period. I spent around $100 in total.


Now I spend zero dollars on my period. Yep, you read that right, NOTHING!


I went from $108 a year to $0. For a one time cost of approx. $140, I no longer have to spend a single penny on my obnoxious period! That is such a great feeling.


I can safely say that I succeeded in more ways than one for my August Challenge!


For those of you interested in making the switch to Thinx or the Diva Cup I seriously suggest checking out their websites. Not only will they save you mega bucks in the long run, but it will make your period a less uncomfortable time.


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