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I Didn’t Sign Up For All This Student Debt

The majority of post-secondary students look forward to graduating and see the world as their oyster. What they don’t realize when they get their diploma they’re also getting handed their student debt. It’s difficult for millennials to be optimistic about their futures when they’re starting them loaded down with all of this debt.

Venture capitalist Greg Gottesman shares why – and how – we need to start changing the way we pay for our education in his 2013 TedxSeattle talk, “One Trillion Dollars, Student Debt and Higher Education.”

It’s definitely frustrating to be a student who wants to further their education, but knows that when they graduate they’ll have to deal with paying for it for years to come.

If you want to get inspired to start tackling your debt now, check out Gabby’s October Challenge and begin your journey to a debt-free future!

How are you paying back your student loans?

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