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Did you negotiate your first salary? Or were you thinking, THANK GOD they want to hire me, I’ll take whatever they offer. If so, you’re not alone.

We want to encourage you to negotiate, so you can get paid what you deserve.

A recent article by Forbes shares that 7% of women, and 57% of men negotiate for their first salary. And of those that negotiated, they were able to increase their salary by 7%.

What stops people from negotiating? There are quite a few factors. Payscale recently released their Salary Negotiation Guide and here are a couple of interesting findings on why

  • “I didn’t want to be perceived as pushy.” (18% of women, 20% of men.)
  • “I’m worried about losing my job.” (8% of women, 8% of men.)
  • “I’ve always been happy with my salary.” (7% of women, 9% of men.)

Think of negotiating as a huge opportunity. We want to share with you a few tips on how to negotiate a higher salary.

How to Negotiate a Higher Salary

  1. Do Your Research – Check out and to see what the range for your role can be. Data points speak way louder than how you ‘feel’ in negotiations.
  2. How can you add value this role and pay for your salary? – Be sure to have points on how you plan to bring value to the role that will help you pay for the salary you’re asking for.
  3. Look into bonuses. Perhaps if the company cannot offer monetary compensation, perhaps they could offer more vacation days, or targets for bonuses. Be willing to ask for these opportunities. Get creative to ensure you receive what you deserve.

We highly recommend you watch this conversation from Rami Sethi for some specific tactics on how to negotiate your salary.

Are you negotiating your salary right now? We’re sending you positive vibes and want to hear how it goes!




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