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How to Collect A Paycheck When You’ve Waited ‘Too Long’

For my freelancers out there, this topic may hit home… hard.

Does this scenario sound familiar?: You started working with a client and had exciting plans  for the work you would provide, and let’s be honest, you were excited to be paid! But as the work relationship may have shifted from the original contract or the timeline to deliver the work may have changed, you may have been left a bit confused as to when to invoice. Or perhaps you personally got incredibly BUSY when it was time to invoice.

So you didn’t do it.

And now, it’s months (or perhaps) a year(s) later, and you still haven’t collected.

You may feel embarrassed or ashamed and ask yourself, should I just let this go?

Well, you’ve come to this post for a reason, because I’d love to help you reclaim your self-confidence (and perhaps self-worth) and receive the money you earned.

Even if you are agonizing over how long it’s been since you contacted them, or even if the fee you’re invoicing for doesn’t seem big enough to go through the effort – I promise you it is. You deserve to earn the money and you will feel like a champion when you finally receive that money.

You may have seen me share his work before, and it’s worth it to check out again if you are feeling uber-blocked. Brad Yates is an emotional freedom technique teacher, with some great (and very simple) videos you can use to help you get unstuck.

Perhaps these topics may resonate:

‘You are Worthy’

‘Not Good Enough’

Also, here is a simple script you can use to reconnect with a past client and ask to be paid.

Subject Line: Hi [name of person] (Reconnecting and New Services)

Hi [name of person],

I hope all is well! Personally, I’ve been travelling quite a bit ….. [Add in an update here and perhaps even allude to why you’ve been “too busy” to invoice].

You popped to mind today, as I’ve been working through my 2015 taxes, and noticed I have an unpaid invoice from our work together doing [XYZ: the work you provided].

This is an oversight on my part, so I’ve attached the invoice from our work together. I’d appreciate it it you could provide payment at your earliest convenience, ideally within 30 days. [Share the easiest way they can pay you: i.e. Via Freshbooks, eTransfer, cheque etc.]

I had an amazing experience working with you, and I have new packages and services I’d love to share with you if you’re interested in collaborating in the future.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you.

Sign off


So as you can see, YOU CAN DO THIS! Don’t give yourself time to overthink it, just go for it. And know that you are not alone. I was inspired to create this blog post as I was just at a business retreat for incredibly talented women entrepreneurs, and this was a common theme amongst so many of the attendees. Women shared about not collecting thousands of dollars, and had pretty great “excuses” why not. So the above process is exactly what they are doing, and what I encourage you to do as well!

Keep us posted on your progress!

<3 Gwen

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