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Gwen’s September Challenge – Mo’ Progress with Meditation

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear” – Ram Dass

My challenge in September was to meditate daily. I wanted to take on this challenge to make more progress to be a better human.

I feel like I am my best self when I feel generous, kind, happy, open, and helpful. I haven’t felt like that a lot this year (as I let the fear hold me in a virtual headlock) and it’s been challenging to not know what to do about it. Meditation seemed like it could help with calming down and trusting everything will work out… so I went for it!

I have meditated on and off with apps before, though this time I decided to use the app. It’s fantastic. There’s a free version for timed meditations and you can pay for different tracks or membership levels if you wish.

Over the month of September, I meditated for 19/30 days.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 10.51.38 AM

So I didn’t hit my goal, though I did have a few major breakthroughs (okay and breakdowns).

I found that some of my worst days all year was the streak between Sept. 21st to Sept. 27th. Why? Looking back, I realize I got into a state of analysis paralysis in almost all areas of life. And then instead of meditating to calm down, I went to junk food and it kept getting a bit worse. Though that is life… and I realize at least it was just a few days and I was able to bring myself out of the funk.

I realize that when you decide to step up in life, when you start to slip up it feels even worse. Think of exercising. Once you get into a streak you feel on top of the world, but then if you miss a few days, you start to feel terrible. It’s the same with meditation in my experience.

So I’m going to keep this up and have already gotten back on the meditation train this morning!


I hope you join me in trying meditation for yourself. It’s truly the easiest thing to get started with and it’s 100 percent free!

For my October challenge, I’m going to go for it again and aim to meditate twice a day for 30 days. I’d love to see how life improves with a commitment to twice daily getting in the zen zone!

<3 Gwen


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