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Gwen’s November Challenge: Sugaaaaa begone!

I am a couple of weeks away from testing for my orange belt in Krav Maga. Krav is a self-defense system developed for the Israeli Defence Forces that focuses on judo, boxing, and street fight training. Let’s just say it’s an unexpected obsession.

To become really good at Krav Maga you much become mentally prepared as well as physically. I was noticing that I would get nervous before classes sometimes and literally want to eat sugary foods to simply deal with the stress. And as you can imagine, eating a bunch of donuts before working out doesn’t usually end too well.

My November challenge was a sugar-free month. I wanted to curb my donut eating habit (which was becoming a ‘latte factor’) for more mental clarity, feeling better overall, and to save a few bucks!

My goal was to kickstart getting back into healthy eating by cutting out added sugars from pastries, bread, and alcohol.

Here’s a link to a documentary that got me interested in cutting back:

One of the ways I wanted to cut back was by tracking my eating on One Sweet App.

I’ll be honest, I realize I don’t like tracking things on apps. I’m inconsistent with looking down at my phone so many times a day to reflect on what I ate. So that strategy didn’t work.

The great thing about this challenge, is although I didn’t have a donut-free month, I only bought them once (the day Trump was elected)… which is a clear reminder that I lean on sugar for emotional support.

I found that this month, I ate at home way more times than I ate out. This was tremendously helpful in cutting back on junk food overall. And in moments of sugar weakness, my go-to was dark chocolate, so it wasn’t as bad as breads and cakes.

I am proud of the progress and am going to keep it going in December. It feels great to have less sugar in my system.

My December challenge is going wi-fi free. That’s right… I’m pausing my home Internet access for the month. I am fiercely committed to being present and not ‘numbing out.’ This year I’ve gone on challenges to be alcohol free, sugar-free, getting in the zen zone, and now cutting out unlimited Internet, in an effort to be more present. I was finding that I was starting my day in a terrible way by watching YouTube videos or mindlessly scrolling on Instagram when I first woke up. So at the end of this month, I will share my discoveries on what life is like when I don’t have unlimited access to entertainment and am forced to be more creative to have fun! Wish me luck!!

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