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Gwen’s November Challenge: Expenses!

I’m a side hustler.

As a side hustler, I have quite a few expenses that help me run my business.

From MeetingBurner for webinars, Libsyn for podcasting, Freshbooks for accounting and costs for business coaching, life coaching, podcast editing and the ‘small expenses’ that add up (like Dropbox to entrepreneurial events), I wanted to document and share all of the different expenses I pay every month and put it on one spreadsheet that I share with anyone interested.

That was my goal, and I have been faced with a HUGE amount of resistance to digging into the actual numbers and getting that grand total. Why? At the end of the day, it’s fear of judgement. I’m worried what people may think about the amount I spend on my business. But the truth is, I am worried about it too. So obviously, this is a big challenge I need to address.

So I was unfortunately unable to complete the challenge this month, but I will be taking it on again as my December challenge.

Send me all the positive vibes to get ‘er done!


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