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Gwen’s March Challenge: Tax Party 2016

I know, a ‘Tax Party’ doesn’t quite sound like the kinda party you’d want to be at. Though it’s the party we choose to show up to – or not – every year.

I’ve been RELUCTANTLY showing up to this party since I started doing my own taxes a few years ago (once my mom stopped doing them for me when my sole proprietor and freelance income was getting a bit too complex). My goal is to start REJOICING when I show up to this party. I dream of the day I am filled with joy and ease when I do my taxes instead of dread and shame for never feeling like I know enough.

To be honest, it’s been getting so much easier over the years since I started working with Shannon Lee Simmons of The New School of Finance. She actually has a banner that says ‘Tax Party’ in her office.

I just did my taxes with her a few weeks ago (phew) and although I was more prepared than ever before, I still found myself awake at 3 a.m. organizing expenses into spreadsheets. Not cute. So this year I vow to be prepared with my taxes so that it’s a piece of cake in 2017.

When I started this challenge in March, I was honestly not sure how to do this. When I told Shannon about my goal for next year, she mentioned she created a course for people just like me in the New School of Finance so that it’s easier. Once I realized this, I immediately invested in her online course. When I dove in I found the content to be SO rich and helpful and I know it’s going to be game-changing. Although I had wanted to categorize all of my expenses and start tax prepping for the first three months at this point, I’ve honestly just scratched the surface of Shannon’s content.

When I expressed to Shannon my sheer joy about the course she asked if I’d like to become an affiliate of the program. That means that if I share this link and you choose to buy it, our Mo’ Money team will receive a small commission on the sale! It will be of no cost to you. So if you are interested in the New School of Finance and want to buy it – we’d appreciate you buying through our link! It will help with our new website upgrade 🙂

So overall my challenge for April is going to be a repeat challenge of Tax Party 2016. I can’t wait to get this done and create a system for checking in on my finances weekly.

I know the day will come that I feel like this when it’s tax time:




And I’m hoping that starts for 2017!!!

<3 Gwen

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