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Gwen’s June Challenge: Pay In Cash

‘Sup peeps!

My ohhhh my June was an INTENSE month. I travelled quite a bit (from Kenya to NYC), started new work adventures, and finally caught my breath after realizing I have spent most of 2016 travelling.

This month, July 2016, is dedicated to getting grounded and nurturing relationships. One of those relationships is my connection to money. Imma be real here, I was quite mad in my relationship with money in June.

Why? Because I have big dreams and more adventures I’d love to pursue, though I feel held back by not having the money to do this (i.e. take off to Hawaii for a month to write my book).

Yet I understand this is happening for an incredible reason. With all of the travelling, I think I believed the answers to life’s big questions were on the next trip. They were somehow NOT with me right now. They were somewhere out there.

I actually got quite sick a couple of times in June (which is very rare for me), and it’s really forced me to take a hard look at the way I’m running my life. It’s also encouraging me to sloooooow down.

My June challenge was to write out – and get clear on – my expenses for February. Seeing as I was in a tumultuous relationship with money, of course, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It would have been a frustrating experience. So this is on pause for the moment.

My July challenge is to only pay with cash and debit, and to focus on building my relationship with money into a loving one. So I’m going to bust out a jar and put one act of love into it every day as a visual reminder of my July challenge.


If you’re working on rebuilding your own relationship with money, I highly recommend joining me!

<3 Gwen

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