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Gwen’s July Challenge: Pay in Cash (Byeee Ghost Money)

Hey y’all!

Ahhhhh what a month! I truly leaned into relaxing in July and simplifying my life. I started simply by unsubscribing to emails, cancelling memberships and software that I no longer used on the regular, and started a meditation practice that’s been helping me feel even better. I’m using an app called ‘Breathe’ (it’s free!) and so far it’s logged 9 hours and 36 minutes of meditation. Woohoo!

My July challenge was to pay in cash or debit. This has been a profoundly liberating challenge that I believe has made a HUGE difference for me.

I started the month by cutting a credit card in half. This was such a joyful experience. I now choose to use credit cards for travelling, products/services I truly love (that require a credit card) or emergencies. I had been sucked into the idea of credit cards being a great way to ‘earn points’ that I could use for travel. I realized that every time I wanted to use the points I either didn’t have enough or it didn’t seem worth it. I finally see the light and am not motivated by points. I’m now excited to focus on spending money I actually have versus ghost money (ha).

Taking on the practice of paying in cash or debit has helped me be more creative with having fun for free. And this month I chose to stay in Toronto (and not travel around) so it has been really renewing and helpful to feel more grounded and comfortable by enjoying the simple things in life.

I’ll be honest though… there were a couple of times that I slipped into the habit of charging something on my credit card this month. Though when I realized it, I would transfer the money I spent on credit from my chequing account to immediately pay off the purchase on my credit card. Easy! I honestly think this will be my new practice.

This August, I would love to build on the momentum of paying in cash and debit. So I am going to take on the same challenge this month! I encourage you to join me if you are looking for a fun way to focus on being aware of your money!



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