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My February challenge was to cut down on buying food on the go.

In January, I apparently spent $713.43 on groceries, eating out and coffee. Dear God.

My goal for February was to cut that number in half, ideally spending $356.72.

Here’s the grand total:
I spent $450.99 on food in February.

I did not reach my goal by $100.00.

Am I sad?

Hell no.

I shaved nearly $300 off of how much I spent in January.

A few things happened in February that took me off course (of reaching the goal) that I want to mention:

  • I broke up with my boyfriend.
  • Work life got cray.

I wanted to mention the above points as each of them seriously affected me.

After I broke up with my boyfriend I went off the rails a bit spending-wise. Somehow buying a latte instead of a regular coffee felt justified. And I’d buy one-off things like an expensive chocolate bar or a green smoothie and not really give it extra thought.

It’s also shocking to note that I didn’t do a huge grocery shopping trip in February. I mostly survived on eating out. This stresses me out though, as I know that the food I was eating was not incredibly healthy as most of it was filled with sodium. Ugh.

So in conclusion, I realized that it is SOOOO easy to fall off the wagon when a big life event happens. And what I would do differently next time is to not try to ‘numb’ my emotions or ignore finances entirely when dealing with a life challenge.

My March Challenge:
I spent $118.44 on Ubers in February alone. OMG. Some of them were for work purposes, but most were frivolous and I was just damn cold and took the ride.

I would like to half the amount I’m spending on Uber’s in March. This would equal $59.22.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on my money adventures!

<3 Gwen

Marketing + Chief Podcaster

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