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Gwen’s August Challenge: Pay in Cash x 2!

Hi there ma peeps!

My challenge in August was to pay in cash and debit (again). I decided to do this because I wanted to pay more attention to what I was spending money on. When I pay with cash, it makes me take a moment to think about my purchase before going for it.

Also, it’s a great way to be more present when deciding to spend. It encourages me to ask the question: “Does this purchase add value to my life?”

I paid in cash for 90 percent of the month. There were only a few times (when I was in Italy of all places) where I used my credit card.

This past month and this challenge taught me something invaluable: BE. NICER. TO. YOSELF. GURRRRRRL.

Italy is a country of love. And I quickly realized while being there how I wasn’t letting the love in (I’ll expand on this in a future blog post).

Though I’ve learned a few things I’d love to share about how I’ve started to become nicer to myself and let the love in.

This is now my mantra: IT’S OKAY.

When faced with stress about ANYTHING (from money to relationships to someone givin’ me the stank eye) I tell myself IT’S OKAY to feel the way I feel.

I know that sounds counterintuitive.

We’re bombarded with messages that it’s NOT OKAY to feel worried and stressed or frustrated or angry. Though if being extremely hard on yourself is not working (or simply not fun at all)… read on for a few hot tips!

Ze Top Two Hot Tips:

#1. Complete this sentence (on paper or out loud in a mirror) “It’s okay to feel _____________.

“It’s okay to feel frustrated”

“It’s okay to feel defeated”

“It’s okay to feel afraid”

“It’s okay to feel panicked”

“It’s okay to freak out”

Let yourself go where you’ve never gone before and watch the relief start to sink in.

#2. Treat yourself like you would an innocent child. If a child (that you totally adore) made a ton of mistakes, I’m willing to bet you’d still treat her with love and kindness. Now remember that you used to be that innocent child. How can you treat yourself with more love? If you’re like me, you’ve mastered being insanely hard on yourself… and guess what? That sh*t gets old and borrrrrring after awhile. I’m currently on a new trip where I’m focusing on building a foundation of love and respect for myself (which helps me love everyone even more: #winning).

This leads me to my September challenge: meditation.

I’ve dabbled with meditation this year, and I’m interested in being more consistent. So this month, I am focusing on meditating twice per day and tracking my progress on the app.

I now believe that if you make mo’ progress (with loving who you are), you will receive more money.

I will report back on this at the end of the month!

Thank you for reading and be sure to subscribe to Mo’ Money monthly on our homepage for the monthly reminder to focus on building your finances in a fun way!

<3 Gwen

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