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Gabby’s September Challenge: She failed how many challenges?

We all know about the charcoal teeth whitening craze. You can’t scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing someone’s black-paste-covered smile. Once they rinse it off, their pearly whites look unreal. And that’s just the thing… is it unreal?

It looks like they all just got back from the dentist and got their teeth whitened. So I wanted to test this charcoal stuff out to see if it actually works on a real person. I ordered some online in August (through a promoted Instagram post, stupidly enough) just in time for my September challenge, where I was going to do a review. It’s October now. My order never came in. Their customer service also never answered any of my emails about how my order never came in. I still plan to harass them until I get what I paid for.

So that challenge fell through. I had to pick something else.

Meanwhile, I tried out for this industry boxing competition and made the cut. (More to come on this in my October challenge.) I’m going to be trained by Olympians and get a strict meal plan that I have to follow which basically guarantees me abs. So, I wanted to see, how much does it really cost to get abs? I was going to break down the cost of everything I have to buy to succeed in this competition, but I didn’t end up getting my meal plan until the last week of September, so I wouldn’t have had enough information to write an accurate blog about it.

Another challenge that fell through.

I had to think of something fast. Something I could do in a week. So I decided to try and go to bed before 11 p.m. every night.


This new exercise regimen had my schedule all messed up. I was still working through a rhythm between commuting, meal prepping, sleeping, showering, and, of course, working. Not easy. I ended up going to bed around 12-1 a.m. every night.

There you have it. Somehow, I managed to fail three challenges in one month. I’m pretty sure that’s a new record.

Stay tuned in October where you’ll find out how much I’m spending in one month on this meal plan and any other supplies I might need to win the fight!!

Wish me luck!

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