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Gabby’s October Challenge: All The Thyme In The Word

Hey guys!

While I was at the grocery store last month, I realized I spend a lot of money on fresh herbs; particularly the kind that come in a plastic package ready to use.

It always frustrated me that half the time I wouldn’t get around to using them all and I hated seeing them waste away in my fridge. Not only was I throwing away money but I was also wasting perfectly good herbs that someone else could’ve bought and enjoyed.

So I decided that my October challenge would be to grow my own herbs. But because I’m all about taking baby steps, I bought a thyme plant at the grocery store just to see if I could take care of it before growing (and possibly killing) a whole batch of others.

I really want to grow:

  • Chives
  • Mint
  • Basil

And maybe a really aromatic one like lavender.

Ultimately, I think I’m going to wait until spring to buy seeds and plant them, because I don’t think they’ll thrive when winter hits, even if they are kept indoors.

As a cactus girl, I’m used to watering my plants only once in awhile. One thing that surprised me was that thyme needs a lot of water. I have to water it every day! It’s pretty interesting to see that when it’s totally dry, the leaves look unusable, but once you give it a good splash, they’re  better than ever the next day.

So far, I’ve used my thyme plant about four times while cooking, which is totally amazing. And I love getting a whiff of the plant from time to time.

I think I could get used to this 😉


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