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Gabby’s November Challenge: Get Swole for Less

Hey guys!

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re paying money for a membership you don’t use? Not a great feeling, is it?


Make it raiiiinn, Kim.

That’s what the last 6 months was for me and my Goodlife Membership. Work got so crazy that I began to go less and less. And because I was going less, it was harder to start back up again.



The few miraculous times I did go after work (not a morning person whatsoever), I was already exhausted, trying to push myself that little bit harder (which is never a good idea). But because I was going to the Goodlife within walking distance, that meant I had to take an hour-long streetcar back to my apartment, usually starving and lightheaded. Not a good combination, which deterred me from going even further.


Probably the best use of a treadmill I’ve seen to date.

Every month, $56.50 was draining out of my account. And for what? Nada. It was time I made a change. Luckily, it was around last month that my membership was actually expiring. Perfect timing to give up! (LOL jk)


Nooo Arnie! Nooooo!

That’s why I made it my November challenge to find a cheaper alternative to gymming.

Throughout the summer, Humber College (Go Hawks Go!) was renovating their gym space. They took over an old motorcycle shop, tore it down, and built a brand new one, three floors high. I always toyed with the idea of signing up, but I was locked into my Goodlife membership, and from what I heard, they’re pretty messy (and expensive) to get out of. Pass.

But now that I cancelled my Goodlife membership, I was excited to explore new options.

What’s amazing is that I used to work at the Humber gym before it was renovated, so I reached out to my former boss and asked if there was a staff discount I could use. Being the angel she is, she gave me a year-long membership for only $50. That’s almost as much as I was paying a month with Goodlife. Yikes.


Yee. On that staff discount lyfe.

And am I ever loving this gym. It’s beautiful. It smells like new rubber. And there are machines in there that I didn’t even know existed!

It’s basically my workout heaven. Did I mention it’s only a seven-minute walk from my apartment? BONUS.


More like seven minutes ‘til heaven.

Now, not only am I excited to work out – even on the weekends – I’m able to get some food in my belly within half an hour. I couldn’t be happier with my gym situation right now.

This is definitely one of the money highlights of my year!!


There you have it: Woo.

If you attended, I encourage all of you to check out your post-secondary school’s gym pricing for Alumni, and if you’re a student, chances are it’s free! Even if you don’t know where to begin when it comes to the gym, ask the staff to show you a thing or two to help get you started. Your health is #1!

For my December challenge, I plan on finding the ultimate winter coat at a decent price. I’m looking for fashion, function, and value. I’ve been living in Canada my whole life – it’s time this girl got a decent coat!!


What you knowin’ about wearin’ a fur fox skin?

Happy Holidays!


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