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Gabby’s December Challenge: BUNDLE THE F UP.

I’ve been living in Canada my entire life, yet I’ve never bought myself a proper winter coat as an adult. I was always skirting by with something to break the wind and wore tons of layers instead. In my last year of high school I actually just wore this fake leather jacket and bundled up with a scarf, hat, and mittens. That’s it. And obviously, I was always miserable.


Why do we do this to ourselves? We know the weather is going to be horrible every year, yet we stick it out with whatever will do the job. But when I heard this winter was going to be one of the worst, I knew I had to do something.


So I set out to buy myself a baller winter jacket. There were three things it absolutely needed to have:

  1. Needs to be warm (duh)
  2. Needs to be fashionable + fit me well
  3. Needs to be at a reasonable price. I was planning on spending anywhere from $200 – $400.

I started the hunt. I looked around for stores in my neighbourhood, like Patagonia, asked around at my work and took my coworkers’ suggestions, and looked online. But nothing seemed to check off all my boxes.

Then it dawned on me: three years ago, my parents treated us all to really nice winter coats from this store called Lorne’s on Spadina and Adelaide. I got this beautiful white peacoat that is still really warm, but I feel like (as Canadians) we need more than one winter coat. One for fashion, and one for functionality.

So I went back to Lorne’s, and sure enough, there were plenty to choose from. And then I saw it: this beautiful coat with a fur trimmed hood that actually looked like it would flatter my shape. But, as a good shopper, I looked around the store for more options, tried some on, and almost threw up at some of the prices (LOL). I ultimately came back to the first coat I saw and tried it on. It fit like a dream. I got to talking with the sales lady and mentioned that the fur trim on the coat in my size didn’t look as floofy as some of the others. She instantly switched the fur with another jacket’s. Talk about service!

Now it comes down to price. My dream coat cost $550. Gulp. But I figured since I just got a raise, and this wasn’t some frivolous purchase, I was willing to spend the money. Especially since it’s really warm and I love the fit. The sales lady also mentioned that the one I had was the last one in my size and that the manufacturer stopped making that specific colour. (It was called “merlot,” by the way– I took it as a sign 😉

So I bought it! I am now the proud owner of a warm-ass winter jacket. And it was only $620 with tax. Pretty good considering some other coats I found were, yes, cheaper, but I definitely knew I would regret it since they didn’t seem warm enough.

The first day I wore it outside, it was like angels were singing. I was so toasty, and when I got on the streetcar I didn’t feel like I was melting. I got compliments constantly and it wasn’t weighing on my back like all my other past winter coats.

And then I realized: I actually don’t mind winter now that I have a proper coat. In fact, I welcome it.

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