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Gabby’s August Challenge: Adding It Up

It’s official: my boyfriend has moved in with me!

And my challenge for August was to see how much everything would cost. In July, here was my breakdown of what I estimated we would spend.





Cooking Utensils (Knives, etc.)


Dish Rack


Pots + Pans


Plates + Bowls


Right off the bat, we saved around $900 just from my previous roommate letting us keep the microwave, his mom buying us pots and pans (bless her soul), and me finding some old plates and bowls I bought in first year of college. SCORE.

And here is what we actually spent:

$450 for a leather loveseat.

$80 for a gorgeous wooden dresser.

$379 at Wal-Mart for mostly kitchen and cleaning supplies.

$60 at Dollarama buying kitchen utensils, mats, a mop, and other odds and ends.

Altogether, that comes to $969.00, which means we only spent 484.50 each! So incredible. I did not expect to spend that little but I’m happy my estimate was way off.

One thing I did take away from this experience is that Dollarama is literally a haven for all things home. We found so much stuff in there that was double the price anywhere else. I would definitely recommend going there before you hit up a bigger store like Wal-Mart.

For my September challenge, I plan on making mo’ progress and challenging myself to wake up without hitting the snooze button on my alarm (something I’m notorious for). I can’t wait to see if I’m going to make a new habit out of this 🙂

Keep you posted!


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