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Gabby’s April Challenge: H&R Nope


Is what I wanted to shout at the man across from me at H&R Block. But I didn’t. Read on.

For the month of April, I took on the challenge of getting my taxes done. Since I started filing a few years ago, I either had no part in it or my mom helped me along the way. I decided that it’s now time for me to figure out how this stuff works on my own since I’ll be doing it for the next 80 years or so.

In total, I had 13 papers to file and there was just no way I felt comfortable tackling all this by myself.

What if I mess up?

What if I get audited?

What if I don’t get back as much as I could’ve?

What if I missed something?

These are just a few questions I asked myself before deciding that I should get someone who knows what the eff they’re doing to file my taxes. So I went to H&R Block.

Once I got there, I sat in the waiting room for 45 minutes. Not awesome, but not terrible.

Finally, I had someone call me in to get started. He said it would be around $160, but then quickly changes it to $180-$200. Alright, cost of doing business. I trust him because it’s what he does for a living.

Everything seemed to be going fine, but it was still taking a long time. He inputs numbers for the next 45 minutes, and then we start to wrap it up.

Then he notices something.

“Have you filed with us before?”

“No, I literally have never stepped foot into an H&R Block.”

“That’s weird. It says you’ve been filing in Cambridge since 2011.”

“Umm….what? I’ve never even been to Cambridge…”

Great. He figures someone may have stolen my identity or something. I probably spend another hour sitting there in silence waiting for him to get a call from the headquarters to patch things up.

Of course they don’t call. So he tries to do some more digging. Turns out they mixed up my SIN with another Gabrielle from Cambridge, born in 1956.

Well, that’s reassuring.*



Ok, so everything works out. Then he said it would be $260.

Wut. No. There’s no way. The entire time I was cool as a frikken cucumber with everything: the waiting, the mix up with my name—I didn’t get frustrated or anything.

But this? This I can’t take. How did $160 go to $180? And how did $180 go to $260?! Once this happens, I’m so over it. It’s been three hours now and I want to get the eff out of there.

I calmly say, “So, this is kind of frustrating. You said it would be around $180, and now you’re saying it’s more like $260? Where is this number even coming from?”

He couldn’t give me a straight answer.

“Alright, well I’ve been here for three hours. I should’ve been here for half an hour, tops. Is there anything you can do to make this a happy ending for both of us?”

He says there’s nothing he can do. Now I’m pissed.

“So you’re telling me that you do nothing to compensate your customers when this sort of thing happens?”

He fumbles his words a little before going to speak to his manager about the situation.


He comes back and says the best he can do is give me $25 off.

Eh. Better than nothing, I guess.

So I left H&R Block paying $214 and feeling super over it. Overall experience? 4/10.

This is why millennials hate doing taxes. Because even going to a place where you can hand off your papers, sit back, and twiddle your thumbs, shit can still go wrong and you didn’t even have anything to do with it! But I guess one good thing came out of it: I can’t wait to take taxes into my own hands next year.  

I took some time to process everything, and considering both Karyn and I had AWFUL experiences there, I realize I’m not satisfied with $25 at all. This week, I’m going to call H&R Block to see if there’s anything more they can do about this. Wish me luck!

Peace out homies!

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