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Funny Money

Recently I have been having some unhappy money moments. It’s hard not to dwell on the negative and let it consume you. Usually what I do is throw myself into work and let it become a great distraction. Instead I decided to have a little bit of a chuckle. So for all of you out there suffering from money woes, maybe one of these will cheer you up.

1.Raise your hand if you want this on all of our currency!




3. This could possibly be the way you ended up here

4. Sometimes I just want my life to be like this music vid.

5. Mr. Krabs is living out all of my dreams


6. Maybe I should join team Rocket. #bank


7. If I just got paid I’d be swaggin’ out in those outfits too

8. Instead my life is more like this…

9. Maybe when you get back in the black we can buy some these ridiculous things from Amazon

10. The fact that someone made an emoji guide to pensions… oh millennials

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