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Facing disappointment and finding the silver lining

In my recent posts I’ve mentioned that I left my old job and have begun a new adventure. Unfortunately I found out recently that my new job will be cutting back my hours. As someone who likes routine and stable income, this came as quite a blow for me.


I was hoping to be working every day, being busy and earnin’ dat #cashmoney. My first thought was that I would have to get a second (or even third) job. Though not ideal, I have done it in the past. Plus, I could use Ask for Task to supplement my income as well. I wasn’t angry or scared, I was just… disappointed. I was so hyped to get back in the swing of things and now I have to head back to the ol’ drawing board.


But this morning at the gym I had a great thought! I could use this as an opportunity to make myself an even more valuable asset to the team. Though I may not be able to help out the way I initially thought, I do have other skills that could be utilized (and monetized).


Since the business I work for is fairly new, I could use the skills I developed at past jobs and internships to help with their social media. I have created a bunch of ideas to help bring in customers that I can present to my boss. Also, the building itself is still under renovation and needs some extra TLC and organizing. Uhm, my middle name is “organized”! This is a perfect opportunity for me to help make the space more aesthetically pleasing!


Sure, I may have had my hours cut back, but I can suggest ways that I can help make my place of employment thrive (and get paid doing it).


Hopefully my assertiveness and passion to see the place grow will work in my favour!


Wish me luck.


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