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Easy Listening: Learn From 3 Top Money Mindset Mentors

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Gals, it’s time for you to learn how to make more money and manage what you have. But you can’t do it alone. You must learn from people who have what you desire.

If you’re new to Mo’ Money, Mo’ Progress, we want to share three of our most listened to podcasts to inspire you to take action on owning your financial situation and getting to the place where you’re confident about your money (and how to make more of it!)

Here are three easy listening podcasts we hope you enjoy!

Episode 5: Sandra Hanna, Founder of Smart Cookies

Podcast 5

Sandra is the founder of Smart Cookies. On the podcast you’ll hear how Sandra (co-founder and CEO) and the Smart Cookies went from having an idea to creating a huge impact with their business, and having been featured on, Anderson Cooper, The Today Show and CNN along the way!

Episode 10: Stefanie O’Connell, Founder of The Broke and Beautiful Life


Stefanie is a Millennial Finance Expert, author and actress. She is also the creator of The Broke and Beautiful Life. Stefanie founded The Broke and Beautiful Life to ignite an open and honest discussion of personal finance among Millennials, freelancers, and artists. Stefanie and her site have been featured on such major media outlets such as Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal.

Episode 3: Melanie Lockert of

Podcast 3

Melanie is a freelance wordsmith and a passionate debt fighter who writes at She is sharing her journey is paying off $81,000 in student loan debt. Melanie invites others to break up with debt and encourages people to take control of their finances. She is a travel lover, music junkie, and ceviche connoisseur.

We hope you enjoy the episodes!
Are there any financial experts you’d like to learn from? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at or comment below!

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