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Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself (3 Tips to Feel Better)

Is there a greater relief than letting yourself off the hook for making a ‘mistake’?

Especially a money mistake.

If you’re reading this blog, I have a feeling you’re committed (or at least vaguely interested) in figuring out this whole ‘money’ thing. We (#TheSisterpack) are, which is why we’ve continued to share our stories and take on monthly challenges.

It has hit me recently that the money knowledge I have today is much more advanced than it was 10 years ago, and it will only continue to improve if I focus on what’s working (and keep it simple).

So my practice lately has been to be kinder to myself in moments of frustration, fear or ‘failure’ from choices I’ve made in the past.

One thing I love doing is listening to this song. It feels kind of liberating… and clearly, singer Jess Glynne has been in the place of being waaaaay too hard on herself (and it turned into an epic song):


Here are the three other ways I currently feel better if I’ve been focusing on what’s not working:

1. Go for a walk. This is easy and FREE! I honestly just walk around the block to change my perspective and focus on different things I appreciate.

2. Change the subject. I now choose to focus on something different if I’m getting too focused on heaviness. It can be as simple as watching a YouTube video or taking a power nap. The key is not to dwell in uncomfortable pressure.

3. Eat donuts.
I mean, I think #TheSisterpack are kind of obsessed with donuts. And I think it’s because THEY’RE AWESOME. For you, it may not be donuts, though we encourage you to have one of life’s simple pleasures that makes you feel a bit better.

Here’s some fun listening of comedian Jim Gaffigan talking about his love of donuts:

How do you focus on feeling better?


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