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Dear CRA…

Dear CRA,

Why? Why must you make everything so gosh darn difficult? I thought I was finished with you in April, but you still keep calling me. You keep asking me for things I have ALREADY GIVEN YOU!!! Why must you be such a jerkwad about everything? I called the right numbers, talked to the right people and yet we still have beef.

Oh and by “right people” I mean a person who just condescendingly told me all of the wrong things I did just to cover up the fact that they never sent me the correct forms. Thanks a bunch.

CRA you could easily avoid these issues by making your website less of a maze. Seriously, you click one link and then you have to sift through at least 10 more to find what you’re looking for. If I want to find information on your site I have to pretty much book the day off and pack a lunch because it is a trek and a half to locate the basics.

I consider myself a responsible adult. I try to stay on top of my finances, I try to get everything ready for the dreaded income tax time and yet I still get my butt kicked by you every year. It’s ridiculous.

This seems like a toxic relationship. It’s a lot of give from my end and ONLY take from yours (not just my money, but time, energy and sanity). I would love to be able to break up with you, sever all ties and just live in the woods far away from your reach. Unfortunately I have to be a contributing member of society stuck under your thumb. Guhhhh.

Before I end this I just wanted to give a shout-out to your equally annoying buddy H&R Block. Ever since I went to you for my March/April Challenge I have been regretting that decision every. single. day. You forgot to do so many things that I asked you to do. I still get calls from you wondering if I gave you the right forms. Dude… I saw you SIX MONTHS AGO!!! Why are you asking me about it now?! Also, yes I did give you all the things. Do you not remember? I do. I also remember me paying you an insane sum of money so the fact that you aren’t on top of this kind of blows me away.

So in conclusion…




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