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If you’ve moved home with your parents, or are thinking about it to save some money, you’re about to meet your new inspiration. LC Johnson is a 27 year old blogger, entrepreneur and business coach.

After living independently for years, she has just moved back home with her husband’s parents in Columbus, Ohio. They’re working on saving to purchase a house.

LC has launched a web series called ‘Black, Married and Hustling’ to document her experience moving home with the in-laws ‘rents while running her business.

Let it be known that this is the realest series to hit the interwebs in 2015. You’ll see in episode one, that it’s not a cake walk. Her new office for the first few days is a lower bunk.


What is truly inspiring about the series is how much LC owns where she is.

So many online entrepreneurs are ‘faking it to make it,’ but LC is sharing what it really takes to go from starting again to earning that six figure pay-check (it’s going to happen).

What we can expect from season one:

  • How to navigate huge life transitions (like marriage and moving)
  • Income streams and how to develop a signature process or product
  • Funding options for ideas that are bigger than your bank account

Also, you’ve GOTTA check out LC’s site []. She offers so many helpful resources and tools that she personally uses to run her business.

We’ll be tuning in and are excited to support LC along the way.

If you love the series spread the word!!
<3 Gwen



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