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“What would I do with my life if money was no object?”

This is the question we want to answer, and to help you answer through Mo’ Money, Mo’ Progress.

Watch the video below by Alan Watts for all the feels:

The Mo’ Money Start:
Over the 2014 winter holidays, The Sisterpack (aka the four sistas behind this site) were all in different places financially and career-wise. One was employed full-time, one was freelancing, one was recently unemployed and one was interning.

As sisters who grew up sharing a room, closet, and bathroom in a small house, we know each other REALLY well. And when we all got together over the holidays, it was basically a brain dump, sharing all of life’s information. We can talk to each other everything, but every time the topic of money comes up – it gets awkward and tense.

This has been the pattern for our entire life. And we know that if a group of four ambitious, curious individuals are struggling this much, then there must be other women (and doodz) out there like us who are struggling too.

The Start (aka The Name):
After the holidays, the sibs were driving in the fam mini-van. Gab was at the wheel, driving home, when Gwen mentioned off-hand, “What if we started something? Something to help us with this money stuff?” After discussing creative ideas for a minute or two, Gab said, “How about we call it Mo’ Money, Mo’ Progress?

*drops mic*

It’s perfect. We were in business.

The Mission Statement:
Currently our mission statement is to UNDERSTAND & CONQUER.

By sharing our stories and challenges, we’re shining a light on the complex subject of finances. We want to help our generation transform their lives using money as a tool and unleash the boss lady (or gent) within.

We Teach What We Know and Are Interested in Learning:

  • How to Pay off Student Debt
  • How to Rock it as a Freelancer
  • How to Make Mo’ Money to Travel
  • How to Make Mo’ Money with your Passion
  • Tools to Build Your Financial Foundation

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