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Gwen Elliot: Marketing + Chief Podcaster

My Money Worry:
Not being able to experience all that life has to offer because I can’t afford it. I don’t want to look back at my life when I’m 80 and say, “Man, I wish I got the money together to go to Hawaii.” (*real desire*)

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Monique Elliot: Resident Reporter + Chief Editor

Bus Chic

The best thing money has bought me:
Experiences. I never would have almost fallen down a mountain, made amazing friends, or made so many crucial life choices without the ability to choose which direction I wanted to go.

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Karyn Elliot: Micromanager + Chief GIF Maker

My Guilty Pleasure I splurge on:
Movies, comics, movies, books, TV shows, movies, comic book memorabilia, manga… Did I say movies?

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Gabby Elliot: Branding Boss + Chief Copywriter

My Money Goal:
I want to be able to buy the fancy Ramen noodles without crying in the grocery store.

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