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5 Ways to Make Mo’ Progress (Without Working Harder)

What are you going to do next?

Do you find yourself asking that question, or perhaps worse, everyone around you asking what’s next for you?

When you’re not 100% sure of the answer, it can be a hard and perhaps even painful question to think about and attempt to answer.

I’m going through this right now.

This year has been a whirlwind of awesome. I’ve let go of my workaholic ways, abandoned my hardcore blazer collection, paused my relationship with drinking alcohol, and have been truly committed to feeling better.

I’ve been working as an entrepreneur full-time since January helping people amplify their message in the media. I’ve travelled all over the world. I’ve started writing a book.

Though the question that keeps coming up is: Now what? Or What’s next?

I’m itching for that next big opportunity and to start building momentum on a project or with a team that is eager to make some waves and enjoy the process.

Though I’m not sure what it’s going to be or what’s going to happen.

I know that freedom with time is a pure luxury. I so appreciate having the opportunity to decide how to live each day how I design it. From the people I meet, to the food I eat, I make the choice (hint: so do you ;).

What an incredible time to be alive.

So when that nagging voice pops up and says, ‘How are you going to make mo’ money and mo’ progress?’ I now have a collection of ways that I help myself feel better (which leads to greater clarity, allowing opportunities to flow in).

5 Ways to Make Mo’ Progress

1. Follow the Fun – Fun will never let you down. If you’re feeling stuck, take a moment and ask yourself, what feels like the most fun thing I can do in this moment? Then do it. Here’s the thing with fun: there’s no guilt associated with it. If you feel guilty for thinking about something that you perceive as fun, but you feel guilty… it’s not fun. It’s mischief. Fun has no downside.

2. Raise the Vibes through Pausing to Breathe – Aka… meditation. I resisted meditating for so long as I thought it was for ‘other people’ or I wondered who the heck has that kind of time to just SIT THERE!? Though I’ve realized that meditation is the easiest way to feel better. And the good thing is it doesn’t have to take an hour. I literally sit for 10 minutes in the morning and at night and just breathe. And hey, sometimes I miss a session and that’s totally okay. I start again the next day.

3. Change the Subject – The more you dwell on a subject that you don’t like, the more painful it gets. Change the subject to feel the relief. A couple of ways to do this is to take a walk, watch a movie or have a power nap. Explore different ways you enjoy changing the subject. Sometimes it’s okay to ignore your problems 🙂

4. Enjoy a Coffee – I love coffee. And I now love to make Bulletproof Coffee (yes… coffee with butter) so it adds an extra layer of DELISH. For me, it’s coffee, for you it could be donuts or a cup of tea. What’s something small and inexpensive that you love that you could get right now and that feels good to eat or drink. It’s great to treat yourself! If you’re curious about Bulletproof Coffee take a look at this video:

5. Release Your ‘Stuff’– How much junk do you have lying around your room or your house? It’s time to release it. It’s time to clear space for your future to show up. Personally I think way better when I have a clean house. I love professional organizer Marie Kondo’s method of only keeping things in your house that ‘spark joy.’ Here’s a fun video where Marie teaches Ellen how to only keep things that spark this joy:

So these are the ways that I am focusing on making progress and enjoying the ride! I hope this helps you 🙂

  • Gwen

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