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It can be easy to get immediately overwhelmed when tackling your finances. When you’re uncomfortable with something, distractions become stronger and overwhelm is lurking at every corner.

This is when #BingeThinking starts.

But what exactly is this ‘binge thinking?’

Binge thinking is when you think about what action you want to take, but don’t actually start. Common symptoms include: numbing out via multiple seasons of Netflix, feeling ‘drunk’ on other people’s content (i.e. 42 weeks in on someone’s Instagram feed), avoiding doing ‘the thing’ at every cost, which leads to genuinely feeling like a failure.

It simply sucks.

As a recovering binge thinker, here are my top five tips to help you stop thinking and start doing when it comes to finance (and life)!

1. Start Small.
The way I’ve been able to take on any financial challenge is to start small. Don’t plan on taking on your taxes for the last three years in an afternoon. Break it up into three weeks.

2. Hire a Coach or Get a Money Mentor.
When I hired Shannon Lee Simmons, a certified financial planner, my life completely changed. Yes, it was an investment to work with her and I was worried about putting the money down at the time, but that investment completely changed my life. It made me face my money fears. It was also helpful that I didn’t feel judged! She sees money challenges all the time, and wasn’t phased by my questions!

3. Don’t Do It Alone!
Money can be a taboo subject between friends and family, but if you’re willing to talk about it together, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you realize you’re not alone. Encourage a friend or family member to join you for an afternoon of tackling your finances together. Just be sure it’s someone you trust! Truth is, you don’t have to share exactly how much money you have or owe, but if you commit to tackling a money challenge together you’ll be less likely to back out!

4. Move Your Body!
If you’ve spent 15 minutes (or more) thinking about how to start and you feel overwhelm and self-doubt creep in, don’t let it win. Make a conscious effort to get our of your head and back into your body. Go for a quick walk or run. This will help those negative thoughts subside so you can focus on making a difference in your financial life.

5. Schedule the reward!
Before tackling a financial challenge, ask yourself what would be a reward that you could give yourself for completing the challenge? Perhaps it’s allowing yourself a complete day off to veg out and relax. Or maybe it’s buying something that you’ve been eyeing (if you find out you can now afford it!). If you have a reward you’re excited about on the horizon, it will motivate you to GO FOR IT!

Right now is the ideal time to start living a life where you’re financially free. Don’t be the one to stop you from starting. Share with us how you ban binge thinking in the comments below!

<3 Gwen

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