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3 Tips to Have a Money Conversation with a Good Friend

Greetings from New York!

I’m here this week for the launch of my business coach and friend, Natalie MacNeil’s new book, The Conquer Kit: A Creative Business Plan for Women Entrepreneurs.

I’ve been here for a few days and am staying in an Airbnb with my good friend Chivon John, creator of Secrets of a Side Hustler.

Chivon is one of those friends where I know that when we meet up we’ll have an awesome time. We’re always brainstorming about our businesses, pushing each other to dream a bit bigger and to step outside of our comfort zone.

While we’ve been living together in NYC, we had the opportunity to have a real deal money conversation. I’ve been extra curious lately about how my friends are handling their money. Where does it go? Do you invest? Who taught you about money?

I am so grateful that we were able to have an open and honest dialogue about money. Of course with respect to Chivon I won’t reveal exactly what we were discussing, but as it was very inspiring to chat with her about something so real, I hope to inspire you to have a conversation like this with a friend.

Here are a few tips that I’d love to share if you’d like to discuss money with a friend.

  • Have good intentions. I did not approach this conversation with the intention of wanting to know if I was doing better or worse. I was simply curious with the intention of learning and seeing if there were a few tips I could pick up or share.
  • Be conscious of the timing. Chivon and I are in holiday mode. I’m working remotely, but we were able to have a few minutes to reconnect and talk about a real issue. We weren’t rushing and super stressed.
  • Bring your own issues/questions to the table. I approached this conversation with value to share. I was willing to share how I currently save/invest/spend my money, and not just there to ask all the questions. By sharing what I’m doing, I hope it could be of inspiration and help as well.

With the new year approaching, it’s time to start being more honest and vulnerable (with the people in your life who’ve earned the opportunity to hear your story), so that you can get the answers about money to help you grow.

Are you thinking of having a money conversation to make mo’ money, mo’ progress? Let us know in the comments or share with us on social!


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