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Being unemployed sucks!!! So for those who are currently unemployed, or have been in that situation… this is for you.

1. Eating on a budget
Family Guy - went to the fridge and it was empty
Ramen becomes your best friend, same with Kraft Dinner and anything that’s microwavable. You soon find out that while you’re unemployed buying healthy food is less of a priority since it’s so expensive. Your main goal is to go shopping for noms that will last you for a while and fill you up. Hello, pizza and goodbye veggies.

2. Saying no… a lot
shakes head - no
Every time your friends ask you out, you have to say no. Why? Because you don’t want to choose between going to the club or eating this week. Wanna go to a movie? Naw, I have to figure out how much longer I can go before washing my clothes. Laundromats ain’t cheap.

3. Making sacrifices
Heidi Montag - You could say I'm broke
Being unemployed means you gotta make hard choices. For me it was choosing between getting a monthly metropass so I could go to interviews, or getting a new outfit to look professional. I decided that being able to get to the job was more important than looking super slick. Black blazer with a hole? Guess I’m wearing a black shirt underneath. #unemploymenthacks

4. Window shopping
Confessions of a shopaholic - walk away strong and frugal
Window shopping is almost like you’re torturing yourself with things you can’t have. It’s awful, I know, but you can’t help it. You do this so when you get a job you know exactly what you want. That cute skirt is motivating you to get a ballin’ job.

5. Being asked, “So, what do you do/what are you up to right now?”
new girl - I'm having an anxiety attack
This is the most cringe-worthy sentence. Usually you hear this from family, your friends or friends of friends. It’s legit the worst. You have to do this delicate dance, tip-toeing around the word “unemployed”. Usually I’d go with the freelancing angle, I’m just figuring things out, or that I’m looking for something in my field. No matter what you say, people know that you’re unemployed, so you may as well just say it anyways. You just can’t win.

6. Never looking at your bank account/obsessively looking at it
dawson's creek - ugly crying
Knowing that you have no income coming in is very stressful. So when it comes to looking at your bank account, you’re either one of the extremes. I would look at my bank account EVERYDAY because I was scared that I’d wake up and all of my money would be gone overnight. Other people would just ignore it, thinking that if you don’t see your bank account being drained, your money must still be there. Both of these are super unhealthy. Once a week is all you need to stay updated on your finances.

7. Hearing about everyone else’s new jobs/promotions
sherlock - #internallyscreaming
The second you become unemployed it’s like everyone else either gets a better job or a sweet promotion. You can’t avoid hearing about it either. You log onto Facebook and it feels like every status update is about people starting their new, high-paying job, or people humble-bragging on Twitter about how they’re the youngest person in their company to be promoted. And what are you doing? Sitting at home in your PJs binge watching Netflix. #unemploymentlife

8. Nailing an interview and never hearing back
paul rudd - wow. today sucks
Going to job interviews is never a fun time, but every once in a while you just click with the person interviewing you. They love your answers, they laugh at your jokes, you even come up with sweet nicknames for each other. By the end of the interview you shake your new besties hand and go home confident that you’ll be starting your new job on Monday. And then a week goes by and you hear NOTHING! No email, no call, not even a text. So it’s back to LinkedIn to hunt for new jobs and pine over the one that got away.

9. Getting offered unpaid internships
futurama - professor - i don't want to live on this planet anymore
So you’re at an interview with your game face on and are killin’ it. Soon the question of salary comes up. You start thinking about all of the #cashmoney you’re going to be making, but then you hear the two words that just crush your hopes and dreams…. UNPAID INTERNSHIP. When you applied to the job it said nothing about an internship, let alone unpaid. They just slip it into the conversation like it’s nothing, but now you’re left sitting there in an uncomfortable blazer at 8:30am on a Friday after travelling for over an hour on transit, just to be offered a job that won’t pay you anything. Awesome.

10. Debating whether or not you should move back home
community - the lord is testing me
It’s now been a few unsuccessful months of job hunting and your bank account is seriously running on empty. You don’t know if you can handle another month on crackers and tuna, plus rent is almost due. This is the moment where you have to really start thinking about moving back home. Do you choose to be independent and broke or dealing with your parents and their nagging, but you have a roof over your head and someone who’ll do your laundry (if you ask nicely). It’s a real dilemma.

11. Rejection emails
parks and rec - life is pointless and nothing matters (1)
While I was unemployed I applied to jobs for 2 hours everyday. This was in the hopes of bettering my odds at finding employment. The downside, which I wasn’t prepared for, was the insane amount of rejection emails. These emails didn’t bother me at first. Unfortunately, as the months passed, they started to wear me down. It can hurt to know that you didn’t get it, but stay strong, something good is around the corner.

12. Boredom
the office - creed - i stopped caring a long time ago
It’s the middle of the week, everyone is at work and you’re sitting at home bored out of your mind. You can’t go anywhere or do anything because you can’t afford it. You’ve already applied to a billion jobs and heard nothing back. Your friends are busy, so you’re stuck at home with nothing to do. I guess you could clean the house a little in the meantime… naw you’re not that bored.

13. Procrastination
keeping up with the kardashians - i'll start tomorrow
This goes hand-in-hand with being bored. You’ve become so bored that you just don’t want to do anything. When you were first unemployed you had oodles of energy. You made lists, you were motivated and got stuff done. Now, you don’t even shower in the morning (or should I say afternoon), you don’t even want to think about writing a resume. So you just sit around watching Suits, pretending that you are learning negotiating skills for your next interview.

14. People telling you that you aren’t trying hard enough
2 Broke Girls - Max - I'm not a fan of hearing what people have to say
Being unemployed is not fun, so you do all that you can to snag a job. Unfortunately some people think that since you still don’t have full-time employment you aren’t even trying. These people (aka jerks) will say, “Well, if you really wanted a job, you’d already have one,” or “All you do is sit at home and do nothing, you should really be trying harder.” It’s not like you’re sitting at home twiddling your thumbs, you actually are doing everything you can. So to these people, I say please go away. Far away. Oh, and shut your mouth, thanks.

15. Being overqualified/under qualified for jobs
workaholics - i don't know whether to cry pf explode from anger
When looking for jobs, I’d always skip right to the qualifications section. What boggles my mind is that some entry-level jobs require people to have 4-5 years experience. How can I get experience for the job that basically needs me to work there for 5 years before applying? And if that’s not the case, you’re usually waaaay too overqualified for the job that you applied for. Now you’re stuck with nothing because you’re either too good or not good enough. #justtheworst

So to all of those who are unemployed, or have been, all I have to say is…
supernatural - i acknowledge your pain

Karyn Elliot: Micromanager + Chief GIF Maker

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